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Mobile gaming trends are about to change!

We’ve all heard of the success of a few hand picked random games which have made a magnitude of wealth off a, if you really think of it, pretty lame concept.

Who would of thought that one would of made over $40 million by launching a bird at a pig let alone just breaking a couple of candy colored blocks.

I don’t know about you but the impersonal trend of mobile gaming seems to be, or should be dwindling on the edge. What ever happened to playing something with meaning? Something with a true goal, something that actually challenges your intellect and leaves you feeling good about your achievement?

Well my friends the time is nigh and soon you will be cast in to a sanctuary of pure bliss. A game that means something, a game with true goals and finally a game that will challenge your mind to get out of the mundaneness of the sheepishly thinking mass consciousness. I present the soon to be released “Disclosure”.